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My name is Vaida, the founder of STUDIO TYLE ceramics. This one man show came to life during pandemic and I have been orchestrating it from clay to the final product ever since.

After graduating from art school and English language studies I was very lucky to have always been close to the creative world. Years of work at Dutch museums and designer Piet Hein Eek, let me gain valuable insights and granted me networking opportunities. Finally, I took all of this experience and wondered off of the beaten path to find something of my own.

Simplicity and function are the main inspiration at STUDIO TYLE. Natural earthy colors allow me to create everyday tableware that can easily be mixed and match. Size is important just as much. All the cups and plates are tailored to pleasantly sit in your hand and fit the right amount of food or drink.

All items are made by hand and no two cups are identical. Every piece is unique. Shape, size or colour varies a little. Each piece is food friendly, microwave and dishwasher safe. However, hand wash is recommended.

STUDIO TYLE is located in a building run by solar energy and all the packaging can be recycled. These factors have always been essential to reach daily work satisfaction and the most minimal foot print.

Hope you enjoy my work.
I was certainly enjoying creating it :)

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